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What do we do?

Panel Inzicht is one of the leading online research panels in the Netherlands. For the research market, Panel Inzicht is a diligent, flexible, and preferred partner, adding value to online quantitative research.

The market of online sampling is known for its short lead times. Most often, you will face strict deadlines yourself. At Panel Inzicht, we know challenges. Obtaining your sample in an efficient manner is imperative for success. We prefer to see ourselves as the extended arm of your organization. Scripting, sampling, or support in analyzing data, Panel Inzicht is more than happy to oblige.

Panel Inzicht, your partner in online sampling!

  • languageScripting

    Need assistance in publishing your survey online? Before we will send our panel members to your survey, we can assist in translating your survey from an offline document to the web. This process is known as ‘scripting’.

  • person_pinSampling

    Let’s start sampling, right away. You have an online survey available, and you need us to satisfy your sample needs. Combining our profiling information with our ample experience in online sampling, we are able to accurately (pre)target many different consumer or business targets. This results in unprecedented response levels.

  • doneAnalysis

    In addition to our scripting, and sample services, we can satisfy your statistical needs. Our highly educated project managers will help you clean, and weight your data. We also assist in analyzing, and interpreting your data. Varying from generating simple cross tabs to applying advanced statistical techniques, and all in between.

  • assignmentPanelmanagement

    Need us to host your panel, or do you wish to have a panel of your own? Our yearlong experience in launching, hosting, and maintaining research panels will help us realize your panel needs. Enabling you to focus on more important things.

Where do we do it?

Years ago, Panel Inzicht started its first panel in the Netherlands. It did not take long before we decided to fully focus on building, and maintaining our research panel. We expanded our panel activities to Belgium, France, and Germany. Currently, we have well established panels in those countries as well.

Quality standards

Our mission is to offer our clients the highest quality possible. Both in terms of data, and workflow. Delivering data in a swift and reliable manner, but never at the expense of data quality. Survey questions should be validated, and the survey flow must contribute to the main aim of survey research: delivering reliable, and actionable results. Above all, our panel members valuate accurate translations, clear and stimulating invitation e-mails, and a good reward system. At Panel Inzicht, we know that every sample question is unique. Send us a message, and we will help you answer yours.

Panel Inzicht conforms to the highest quality standards in market research. We are associated with the national (MOA) and international sector association (ESOMAR) of market research. We are also affiliated with the Research Certification Group (RKG), and our research panel has been ISO certified since 2013.

Good day. How can we help you solve your sample problem?

Of course we prefer to talk to you in person. Curious to know what we have to offer you? Please contact us, by calling the number listed below, or simply send us an e-mail.

phone email +31 (0) 341 - 760 055


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